Optical Fiber Subassembly Family

Single-mode or multimode multi-fiber feedthroughs for hermetic packages.

Available in the following configurations:

  • Optical fiber subassembly (OFSA)
  • Mirrored optical fiber subassembly (M-OFSA)
  • Demountable mirrored optical fiber subassembly (DM-OFSA)
  • Active mirrored optical fiber subassembly (AM-OFSA)
  • Active demountable mirrored optical fiber subassembly (ADM-OFSA)


  • Assembled from stamped Kovar components
  • Eliminates metallized fibers and etched silicon benches
  • Excellent hermeticity per MIL STD 883, Method 1010: He leak rate of 10-10 cc/s after 170+ thermal shock cycles (-55º to +95ºC, 10 minute dwell minimum)
  • Solderable within walls of Kovar package
  • Feedthrough matches CTE of package
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